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Advance Equity through Leadership Coaching & Systems Change
Building a performance assessment system is more than a shift in practices; it is a shift in culture and belief. It requires leadership that is inclusive, adaptive, and innovative.
ELP is a team of former school and teacher leaders who have successfully built and sustained performance assessment systems. We know how to coach the leaders of your learning community in both the technical and the adaptive aspects of systems change that leads to more equitable outcomes and processes.
Through ELP coaching, the leaders in your system can develop their abilities to
  • communicate the power of performance assessment and deeper learning
  • facilitate inclusive processes through liberatory design thinking
  • build coherence, where adults in the system are practicing the same complex skills that students are being challenged to learn
  • interpret and act on the evidence of student work
  • focus on the assets and needs of marginalized students and families in order to improve learning for all
  • inspire the entire community’s belief in students’ ability to learn and grow
Working both alongside you and behind the scenes, we can help you lead your learning community away from assessment for sorting, and toward assessment for learning. Contact us to learn more.


The Deeper Learning Leadership Forum (DLLF) is a cohort-based leadership experience that aims to develop, strengthen, and support a group of educational leaders to work at the intersection of equity and design thinking. DLLF seeks to address issues of inequity in our school systems by bringing together leaders to define and unpack these challenges. On this journey, leaders will explore deeper learning practices; develop the skills to identify and disrupt oppressive ideologies, systems, and structures within education; and practice employing an equity-centered design thinking approach.

Learn more about this experience.

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