The Deeper Learning Leadership Forum (DLLF) is a cohort-based leadership experience that aims to develop, strengthen, and support a group of educational leaders to work at the intersection of equity and design thinking. DLLF seeks to address issues of inequity in our school systems by bringing together leaders to define and unpack these challenges. On this journey, leaders will explore deeper learning practices; develop the skills to identify and disrupt oppressive ideologies, systems, and structures within education; and practice employing an equity-centered design thinking approach.

Students Tested at Grade Level or Better in English Language Arts

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Latino Students

Students Scored Proficient or Better in Math

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Let's Close those Gaps

While there has been plenty of discussion on the shifts to Common Core instruction and Deeper Learning outcomes, there hasn’t been enough focus on the leadership it will take to move systems toward deeper learning experiences for every student, especially those who have been historically underserved.

The Deeper Learning Leadership Forum will tackle this issue by bringing a group of systems leaders together for one purpose: to learn with and from one another how to lead their systems to make the necessary shifts so that each and every student has access to deeper learning experiences and outcomes.

Eliminating the achievement and opportunity gaps for every student will require new leadership for schools all over the country: the Deeper Learning Leadership Forum is a place for leaders to connect with each other and make collective impact.


Why Deeper Learning?

Deeper Learning is education that motivates, inspires, challenges and empowers students. In response to the reality that education in America is failing to prepare young people for success, the Deeper Learning movement seeks to bridge the divide between traditional instructional practices and modern student learners. Deeper learning occurs when teachers act less as “lecturers” and more as “project managers,” with the primary role of stimulating the learning process. As a result, students transform from passive recipients to active seekers of information and knowledge.

Deeper Learning Competencies

When students are actively engaged in the learning process they are better able to:


  • Master core academic content in subjects like reading, writing, math, and science

  • Think critically, analytically, and creatively

  • Collaborate with others

  • Communicate Effectively

  • Direct their own learning

  • Trust their own abilities to achieve success

Deeper Learning Strategies

Deeper learning strategies facilitate the development of students’ collaboration, critical thinking, creative problem-solving and civic skills that are not typically addressed through traditional instructional practices. Examples of strategies that promote deeper learning include:


  • Project-based learning: Students work on their own and in groups to apply learned concepts to real-world problems

  • Individualized learning plans: Through internships, work-based learning, blended and online learning, and independent study. Teacher and student develop the best path for each student’s optimal learning

  • Competency-based learning: Seat time requirements are waived in full or in part; students progress through school as they demonstrate mastery of academic content areas

  • Performance-based assessments and portfolios: Formative and summative assessments include opportunities for demonstrating knowledge and skills, and for critical thinking and analytical responses


How do I apply?

Applications are currently closed for our next DLLF Cohort but please fill out this Google Form to be added for our interest list and be the first to know about future DLLF opportunities.

Is the DLLF open to leaders across the country?

Yes! We encourage leaders from anywhere to apply.

Are you accepting international applications?

Unfortunately, we are currently only accepting US-based applicants.

I know someone who would be perfect for the DLLF, how do I nominate them?

Applications are currently closed for our next DLLF Cohort but please complete this Google Form to add your nominee to our interest list for future opportunities.

Do we need an understanding of Deeper Learning prior to this forum or will we learn more about Deeper Learning?

We are looking for leaders who believe that ALL students should have access to deep and engaging learning experiences. Applicants should support the deeper learning competencies for all students, but we do not expect members to come in as experts of deeper learning.

How often does the cohort meet?

The DLLF experience includes 4-6 hours per month (this includes cohort meetings, pre-work, and small group sessions.) When in-person convenings are safe to hold, there are typically two 2-day convenings throughout the estimated 18 month program.

What specific leadership roles would be a good fit to join the Forum?

We are looking for systems leaders (principals, superintendents, executive directors, heads of schools, education consultants, etc.) who have influence over a system of schools.

Does the same person from a given organization attend all the meetings?

Yes, this is a professional learning community and requires the consistent attendance and commitment of each member.

Can more than one leader apply from the same organization?

Yes! We welcome different perspectives. If both applicants are accepted into the cohort, expect individual and collective work time.

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