What comes next in 2024?

Happy New Year! As we dip our toes into the sea of 2024 and all that will come with it, we should take advantage of embracing the opportunities that come from the question “What will we do next?”.

As soon as I dipped my toes into this year, I came across an article in Ed Week titled “What 2024 Will Bring for K-12 Policy: 5 Issues to Watch.” To stretch the metaphor one final time, I feared the article would make me want to tear my feet from the water before sharks arrived. (Huge “Jaws” fan here)

Then I came to Issue #5, and the seas calmed.

Sitting at the end of an expansive policy list spanning everything from private school vouchers to AI came five words that sparked immense optimism in me: “Rethinking measures of student success.” The work that we have dedicated ourselves to is one of the country’s top policy priorities this year! Many of us have been advocating for more equitable approaches to assessing students and transforming schools for decades. For the first time in a long time, our national moment may have arrived.

With our work being recognized on a national level, I suggest it is time for us to consider what we will do next at the local level. For example, California districts should consider writing Graduate Profiles and performance assessments into your LCAP plans. If you need support or thought partnership around how to plan and implement this work, Envision Learning Partners stands ready to support you at whatever point you are in your journey.

Welcome to 2024, and we wish you a joyful year of celebrating the achievements of our schools and students!

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