Virtual Defense Resources

Still hot from the forgery, ELP’s Virtual Portfolio Defense Toolkit is hereby released to the world. Click the button below to download the toolkit. Use it and share it widely. We hope that it inspires action, saves you time, and helps you find opportunity within this crisis to put students at the center of their learning.

ELP was galvanized by what we are hearing from our partner schools and districts: Rather than backing off from your performance assessment systems, most of you are leaning into them, understanding that students need this now more than ever. This toolkit is ELP’s first answer to your call for help. It is designed for learning communities at all levels of experience, whether you’ve had kids defending their learning for years or see this as your first opportunity to try.


Prototype Level 1: Reflective Presentation

We are excited to populate this section with all of the amazing things you envision and create. Take inspiration from some of the folks who have been innovating and reimagining how to do their work in the time of COVID-19.


Virtual Portfolio Defense Toolkit

Click the images below for more information on these tools and download them for free!

Student VLOG: Virtual Defenses of Learning

Now that Defenses have become virtual, what has changed with how you feel about Defenses, and how you are approaching Defenses? What is hard about that change? What is exciting about that change?

In this first in a series of vlogs we are releasing, a high school senior talks about how she is adapting her defense for a virtual space and how she is feeling about it.

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