Until Next Time…

As you now know, May 2024 is my final newsletter as Executive Director of Envision Learning Partners. My year with this tremendous team ends on June 30th, and OH what a wonderful year it has been! I take with me many lifelong memories and profound lessons. When I was interviewing for this role, I shared with the panel that one of my overarching motivations for joining the team at Envision was to reignite my optimism for public education. Too many experiences up to that point left me wondering whether systems were capable of making changes that truly met the needs of all students. And then I joined ELP! In the last year, I saw systems leaders engage in exemplary conversations about how to operationalize equity. I spoke to innovative educators working together to change assessment systems across an entire state. I heard students reflect on their learning while charting a course towards a successful future that was previously too intangible to embrace. Most important to me, I worked with a team here at ELP bursting with genius, creativity, and optimism. I am grateful to the ELP team for all they have done to shift schools in the direction of justice. And I am equally grateful to you, the ELP community, for embracing the optimism of change. I look forward to our paths crossing again.

Until next time,


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