The Visionary Leadership of Alcine Mumby

ELP is excited to announce that longtime team member, performance assessment expert, and champion for educational justice—Alcine Mumby—is now ELP’s Vice President of Program.


In this role, Alcine leads the delivery of ELP’s professional services, ensuring that client partners and system leaders gain the skills needed to build and sustain high-quality systems of performance assessment. She will guide our team of coaches—now known as Assessment Design Partners—so that every ELP client gets the service they need. As the VP of Program, Alcine will be ELP’s lead learner, ensuring that our service—both the what and the how—are continuously improving. (Don’t worry: Alcine will continue to lead the Deeper Learning Leadership Forum!)

Many of you are already fans of Alcine and know exactly why she is a leader in our movement to make assessment more learner-centered and just. She is a deep systems thinker, an unforgettably powerful communicator, and an unswerving believer in the potential of young people, especially the students most marginalized in our systems. Over the course of her career, Alcine has done it all: taught at pioneering programs (Fannie Lou Hamer Freedom High School in the Bronx), analyzed school outcomes data (for an Annenberg grant in NYC), founded a school as its principal (Envision Academy in Oakland), and helped to transform major urban school districts (Louisville, KY).

What vitalizes all her skill and experience is her moral vision. I sometimes call Alcine the conscience of ELP. She is as knowledgeable and passionate about performance assessment system building as anyone in the field, yet Alcine never forgets—and helps the rest of us to remember—the why of this work: justice for learners. For a glimpse of the power of Alcine’s moral vision, please see her keynote speech from the Assessment for Learning Conference.


Please congratulate Alcine on her new role when you next have the chance.


Wishing summer rejuvenation for educators everywhere,

Justin Wells, ELP Executive Director

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