September 2020 Events & Announcements

Upcoming Virtual Events

  • Deeper Learning in the Time of COVID-19: Leveraging performance assessments & Graduate Profiles to best prepare for re-opening

    • Friday, October 2nd, 1:00pm PT

    • Deeper Learning Coach, Alcine Mumby

    • Across the US, districts have been forced to transition to virtual learning due to the global pandemic. Education leaders have the arduous task of making an informed decision about whether instruction will be in-person, virtual, or a hybrid model. As schools reopen in the fall, how to best meet the needs of students, particularly those most impacted by COVID-19, becomes a top priority. In part 3 of 3 in AYPF’s Deeper Learning in the Time of COVID-19 webinar series, participants will hear from district-level leaders, teachers, and students to learn about how the Pasadena Unified School District and Envision Learning Partners leveraged performance assessments and Graduate Student Profiles to meet the demands of this moment.

  • MTC Fall Friday’s Member Symposium 2020

    • Friday, October 9th, 8:30am PT

    • Deeper Learning Coaches, Morgan Vien & Abby Benedetto

    • In the initial shift to distance learning last spring, we heard educators across the country asking a similar question, “Now that students are at home, how do I know they are not googling the answers to the test?” Our response, which has only deepened as school remains virtual in many places across the country, is “perhaps you want to rethink the test…” Defenses of learning are an incredibly meaningful way for teachers and students alike to know what students know.  This is true when we have the joy of being in person with each other, and is also true in a virtual context.  This workshop will ask participants to consider the conditions they currently face as educators, create design principles that can guide their thinking, and even brainstorm a version of a defense of learning they can try out right now.

  • 2020 Aurora Institute Symposium (formerly the iNACOL Symposium)

    • “Designed to Thrive: Creating Culminating Assessment for Learning Experiences Wherein All Students Can Thrive”

      • October 26th, 10am PT

      • Deeper Learning Coaches, Alcine Mumby & Abby Benedetto

      • The session asks, “What kind of culminating performance assessment experience would we create to ensure that ALL learners thrive – especially those furthest from opportunity?” Participants will explore different types of performance assessments and design a prototype that provides evidence of student learning of essential competencies. The session concludes with participants testing their prototype from the perspective of a vulnerable student and reflecting on changes needed to ensure that ALL students thrive.

    • “How Intentional Equity Serves All Students”

      • October 28th, 8:45am PT

      • Deeper Learning Coach, Abby Benedetto

      • Equity in a school building doesn’t just happen, it is purposefully cultivated. Hear from school leaders on their methods to curate opportunities for all their students. In the wake of COVID they will share how the shift to remote learning not only highlighted inequitable truths but also provided a chance to even the playing field. Learn about family engagement tactics, diverse recruiting strategies that mirror local communities, and how students’ needs are met where they are.

DLLF Cohort 3 Graduation

Earlier this month, the Deeper Learning Leadership Forum (DLLF) conducted a virtual graduation for our third cohort, internally and affectionately known as “Dope @#$ Cohort 3.” This group of systems leaders have spent the last two years learning with and from one another how to lead their systems to make the necessary shifts so that each and every student has access to deeper learning experiences and outcomes.

To learn more about these amazing members and the overall DLLF program, click here.

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