See you later, Morgan!

It’s with heavy hearts, that we announce that Morgan Vien is moving away from her role at ELP as an Assessment Design Partner (aka Deeper Learning Coach).


  • What did you most enjoy about being a coach with ELP?

Being a Deeper Learning Coach with ELP was nothing short of a gift. As an organization, we have such deep and expansive relationships both with the assessment community and with those centered around doing student-centered learning. It is because of those¬†relationships and good work, that being on this team has afforded me the opportunity to work closely with, and to support systems leaders and communities across the country. It is a powerful perspective to know and value rigor, while being able to innovate and move the dial on making change— and this team has that.

  • Favorite coaching experience or story?

My two favorite projects have been co-facilitating the Deeper Learning Leadership Forum and being a core designer of the Assessment for Learning Conference. Each for different reasons, but alike they both seek to gather eager and ready leaders, who are actively working to make change in their communities and who want to learn from others who are pushing the boundaries of what school can be. I thrive at that precipice- working with those who are ready to push, build and transform. I have so much gratitude for all of the brilliant minds, vulnerable leadership and care that I have been around during my time at ELP.

  • What are your plans now?

I am super stoked to write this new chapter and head towards an opportunity that I just could not pass up. I am co-founding a design thinking collaborative called, Design for Emergence. We are a cadre of design thinkers. Through liberatory design and an emergent strategy, we help systems get clear on where they are headed, stay agile in their approach and use human-centered design to solve complex problems. We work both in and adjacent to the education space. While bringing this vision to life, I am also collaborating on the K12 Lab team, at the at Stanford, where we are working to imagine the role of Futures Thinking in education.

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