Resource Corner: Scaling Student Success

Resource Corner: Scaling Student Success Briefs & Policy White Paper

For educators and educational leaders seeking to bring your Graduate Profile to life, Scaling Student Success has released a series of Practice and Policy Briefs to support this journey! The Briefs tell the story of five different districts across California that are successfully integrating their Graduate Profiles (or Learner Portraits) into their curriculum, culture, and classrooms, and seeing a positive impact on student success. They’re a valuable learning resource for any school interested in redefining student success! Learn more and access the briefs here.

Scaling Student Success also recently authored a white paper focused on statewide policy recommendations that support many of the transformation systems we want to see in schools (graduate profiles, authentic assessments, etc.). ELP has offered to be listed as one of the organizations to officially “sign on” to the paper. Click here to read: A Student-Centered Approach to Education.

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