Resource Corner – Project Template

When we meet with a potential school partner, we are often asked: What does the process of evolving into a school with a High-Quality Performance Assessment System (HQPAS) look like? We have worked with thousands of educators serving hundreds of thousands of learners since our inception in 2010 and have developed a Theory of Action that consistently drives the transformation to a HQPAS:

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    Start by developing a graduate profile with your stakeholders,

  2. design performance assessments that measure that graduate profile, and finally,

  3. implement pedagogies and school structures that lead to student success on the performance assessments.

These three phases, done in that order, lead to a successful implementation of a High-Quality Performance Assessment System. A second common question we hear is focused on implementation steps and timeline. As you can imagine, each partner takes a unique path on its implementation journey, but over the years, we have seen some common elements. This month, we share a simplified project template to give you a better idea of potential steps involved. Enjoy reading and don’t hesitate to reach out with any questions.

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