Resource Corner – Observation Tool

We know that we want students engaging deeply with rigorous content, but knowing what to look for in a classroom where students are struggling productively with rigorous mathematics content is a challenge among many of our partners.

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Take a look at the Productive Struggle Observation Tool our STEM team has developed for observers to use to look for and capture relevant student and teacher actions in math classrooms. Clare Green, principal at Envision Education’s Hayward high school, Impact Academy says this about the tool: “The productive struggle rubric helps to drive a conversation about what high-quality, student-centered instruction looks like. This conversation now happens not only between coaches, teachers, and administrators but also with students.”

Let us know what you think – is the observation tool something that might be useful in your context? What do you look for in classrooms when you want to know if students are struggling productively with meaningful material?

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