Resource Corner: Lesson Observation Tools

These three observation tools are intended to support ‘minimal-prep’ lesson observation in classrooms where student ideas, language, and interaction are at the center of the learning process. They were specifically designed for mathematics classrooms, but may also be useful in other contexts.

The two Lesson Observation Tools are meant as note catchers and as a manageable list of student and teacher actions to look for. In using these tools, it is important to agree with the teacher on the focus of the observation, for example: Use of instructional routines to surface and develop student ideas and language. 

The Language-Rich Classrooms: Observation & Planning Tool is meant for a coach and teacher, or teacher peers, to use together for linking an observation with a conversation about planning next steps. It, too, has a list of example student and teacher actions to look for.

Click the image below to download the editable PDFs.

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