Resource Corner: Bellwether Education Partners, a Pragmatic Playbook for Impact

Envision Education has long been proud that we not only serve students directly through our Bay Area schools but also commit to serving public school students everywhere through our consulting division, Envision Learning Partners. Our understanding of our past and potential future is even clearer now, thanks to A Pragmatic Playbook for Impact: Direct, Widespread, and Systemic, which offers an illuminating framework for analyzing how mission-driven ed organizations work to spread the change they seek.

To help illustrate the framework, Bellwether Education Partners, in partnership with New Profit, conducted a case study on Envision Education, based on a series of interviews with longtime Envision teacher and now ELP leader, Justin Wells. For us at Envision, the case study was a chance not only to reflect but also to learn. We came out of the experience with a better sense of who we are and where we are headed as an organization, and we are grateful to Bellwether and New Profit for the opportunity.

On August 11th, Bellwether is hosting a webinar where you can hear ELP and other educational organizations discuss their various approaches to scaling impact.

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