May 2022 Events & Announcements

Always a Journey.

In schools all over the country, May is a month when many students share their learning—through project exhibitions, capstone presentations, defenses of learning, and other culminating experiences. Here’s to all the students and teachers out there, even in this difficult year, who are working to culminate learning in ways that are challenging, meaningful, and memorable. Learning is always a journey. It runs deeper when it is designed to feel like one.
As you look to the 22–23 school year, please reach out to ELP for thought partnership and support. How will your students be sharing their learning in May of 2023? Now is the right time to ask. And summer is the best time to design those deep learning journeys for students.
Speaking of memorable journeys, we’re in the midst of an important transition for Envision Education, ELP’s parent organization. After a remarkable tenure as our CEO for most of the past 10 years, Gia Truong is moving on. Many of you know Gia as a passionate leader for equity, deeper learning, and performance assessment. Her support for ELP’s mission has been unwavering, and her legacy includes the Deeper Learning Leadership Forum. Gia—from the entire ELP team, it’s been an honor and joy to travel with you.
Going forward, we are excited to be partnering with our new Envision CEO Jillian Juman. Jillian introduces herself in this newsletter’s guest blog; read on to hear from her directly.
In community,
Justin Wells, ELP Executive Director

Coming June 9th & 14th- TWO New STEM Workshops!

Part A: Doing Too Much: Disrupting the Transference of STEM Trauma

This workshop will explore the often problematic relationship many students and teachers have with STEM education emerging from traumatic experiences we simply never address. This workshop particularly focuses on the roots of science as it relates to white supremacy culture and science education, and how that bleeds into the way we see ourselves, or don’t, in science. We will look at ELP’s HQPA principles as a means to address healing and thriving in the design of STEM assessments that matter.

Part B: Don’t Do Too Much: Centering HQPA in STEM Assessments

This workshop will dive into the importance of incorporating culturally responsive practices and DEI authentically in order to thrive in your classrooms! Going beyond adding a trendy handshake or latest song into a presentation, we will be looking into how we use these definitions and ELP’s HQPA principles to create STEM assessments that are engaging to all demographics, particularly targeting your most disengaged students.

Join us for June’s ELP Lounge!

We’re excited to announce that in June, we’ll have incoming Envision Education CEO, Jillian Juman, as our ELP Lounge Special Guest!

Stop by to slow down. Connect, share, learn & heal. We can’t wait to see you!

Thursday, June 16th, 4:00-5:00pm PT (7:00-8:00pm ET)

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The DLLF application deadline has been extended to May 31st!

The Deeper Learning Leadership Forum (DLLF) is a cohort-based leadership experience that aims to develop, strengthen, and support a group of educational leaders to work at the intersection of equity and design thinking. DLLF seeks to address issues of inequity in our school systems by bringing together leaders to define and unpack these challenges. On this journey, leaders will explore deeper learning practices; develop the skills to identify and disrupt oppressive ideologies, systems, and structures within education; and practice employing an equity-centered design thinking approach. Learn more about the program here.

Learn more about the Deeper Learning Leadership Forum here.

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