July 2021 Announcements & Upcoming Events


Introducing the 5th cohort of the Deeper Learning Leadership Forum!

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Summer Graduate Profile Workshop Series

Educators across the country are beginning this school year with incredible opportunities to continue to push on what school looks like/sounds like/feels like for all students. We know that teachers, school & district leaders, students, and parents worked tirelessly last year to meet the needs of young people in a constantly shifting set of conditions. Innovation was happening each day in zoom rooms from Maine to Hawaii. Resisting the all too-easy slide back into the way things were is hard, as the inertia of public education in the US is an incredibly powerful force. But we believe in the power of centering students, and in the possibility of designing school systems around the sets of skills that our young people need so they can go out into the world and create the lives they dream of.

Send a team of folks from your school or district to this workshop series so they can come back with inspiration and with practical tools and processes to share with your community. Choose this school year to design and begin implementing a graduate profile – there is no better time to start!

Participants will explore the value of having a Graduate Profile, develop and define a draft, and then learn how to implement and measure it once they take it back to their school, district, etc. These workshops will be led by ELP Assessment Design Partner, Abby Benedetto.


Designed to Thrive Workshop Series

Keep an eye out for this NEW three-part workshop series asks, “What kind of performance assessment experiences would we create to ensure that learners, especially those farthest from opportunity, thrive when we operationalize our current vision/profile of a graduate?”

Participants will explore the different features of high quality performance assessment (HQPA) and design a prototype of a performance assessment experience that provides evidence of student learning/thinking of essential competencies. The series concludes with participants iterating on that prototype after centering the lived experience of a marginalized student your system may serve, and reflecting on the changes needed to ensure that ALL students thrive in their performance assessment system.

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