Introducing Two More Virtual Portfolio Defense Tools

A Note from the Designers: Just so you know- we hear you and we are answering your call!

Path Pace Tool

“Yes – we want to lean in and invite students to tell the journey of their learning in a Virtual Defense… but where do we start?”

We are thrilled that you are digging deeper into the Virtual Defense Toolkit! Each part of this Toolkit is being built with our own main design principle in mind: Tight on criteria, loose on path. Thus the Path Pace is intended to be a guide as you look at where you are currently, and how you might move as a system toward virtual student defenses and beyond.This tool includes suggested tasks and timelines for each of the primary stakeholder groups – students, advisors/mentors, and Admin. We then break down those tasks into week-long chunks. We invite you to explore this tool and then reflect on your context, your capacity, and what feels right for your community. Adopt what resonates, adapt what you want to modify, and hopefully this gives you a place to start. We will be offering resources for several of these tasks as the days go on, and are excited to continue to build what you may need as you take this on.

Student Planning Tool

“This is awesome… but how do we support students to hold parts of this process?” 

Yes! We are so glad you asked. Any student-centered assessment supports students to be co- designers of the experience and invites them to activate their agency in the process. This planning tool is built to help them set goals, track key information, manage workload and consider important factors as they prepare to defend their learning.In this new landscape, we know that circumstances and home learning contexts are unique to each student. As you engage in building towards a culminating event with your students, we invite you to question assumptions and let students lead where possible. They are the experts in their home contexts and can make choices about how and when to complete work, the best space in their home environments for hosting the event and of course- how to best be their authentic selves in this process.As always, these tools are an offering and we are excited to see how you use them and what other needs emerge. We are actively designing and releasing this package as needs become clear.Onward!We held a couple of sessions to answer questions and dream with you all. We were excited to learn more about the complexities you’re working through and to imagine how we can support.

Virtual Portfolio Defense Webinar: Tuesday, April 14th

  • This webinar was recorded and is available using this link.

Virtual Defense: Ask Me Anything Session: Thursday, April 16th

  • Stay tuned for details from the session!

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Stay Well,

Morgan Vien & Abby Benedetto, ELP Deeper Learning Coaches

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