I Am ELP: Nexus Edition

During the 2019 calendar year, ELP’s Alcine Mumby and Aragon Burlingham participated in the first Nexus Fellowship, a program from the Equity Lab. Nexus was designed in response to the overwhelming need for race, equity, diversity, and inclusion (REDI) in the learning profession.

This was a transformative experience for us and the other 14 Nexus Fellows! Michelle and her talented team curated a deep and personal experience for our new community of equity leaders. Nexus took us into a deep personalized leadership journey based on our identities around three specific design challenges:  challenges with people, challenges with processes, and challenges with programs.

Watch the video to hear about the experiences of the Nexus Fellows and Equity Lab’s ED, Michelle Molitor.

Thank you Michelle and your exceptional team for creating this incredible program!

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