I am ELP: Josette Neal-De-Stanton

  • What experiences brought you to ELP?

I first learned about ELP as a client when working at ARISE High School in Oakland, CA. We were building out new graduate student profiles/senior defenses, as my team and I were starting the school’s first pathway in public and community health. After leaving ARISE, I began shifting my career to focus on fighting for DEIAJ in STEM education, particularly in science, as well as continuing my experience in CTE. I became a consultant with GLOBE (NASA), as well as a part of their Global DEI Task force. In this role, we identified what DEI would mean for the organization, as well as ways to start to shift how curriculum, instruction, and all other materials would help all GLOBE partners be accountable for DEI in environmental science. I also continued my CTE work in West Contra Costa Unified as their district’s work based learning liaison, continuing to bring a DEIAJ lens. Once I heard about the possible opportunity at ELP from a former assessment design partner I worked with, I knew this would be the right direction to continue my work! I knew what Envision itself stood for, and my work ethics aligned. I wanted to use the growing influence of ELP to continue to push for what I knew science and CTE education could be, by adding my knowledge to this great team and organization. One of the hardest places to see equity change in science education in particular, is with assessment designs, and I knew my 14yrs of experience could help to continue to push that change with the support of ELP!

  • What are you hoping to learn while you’re at ELP?

While working with ELP, I am hoping to continue to gain knowledge on how to work with a variety of partners to achieve common goals around bettering the quality of education for our youth. I’ve been on the other side as a client, and I am excited to really dive into the ways of leading this work as an assessment design partner. I am also excited about having the opportunity to lead virtual workshops that can potentially reach the world (s/o to Vinci who had someone from out the country in her last workshop!). 

  • What are you most excited about starting at ELP?

I am SO excited to be a part of this team! Even before I started on my first day, I felt accepted, appreciated, and valued. The fact that I am surrounded by so many knowledgeable and wise educators with a breadth of experience has already begun to excite me even more so about this work. There is a lot of passion and dedication, as well as a strong focus on equity and cultural responsive practice which definitely aligns with my work morals/ethics. And, I’m always excited to grow myself as an educational leader, and I know that’s going to happen here with ELP!

  • What do you like to do when you’re not working?

When I’m not working, I’ve been enjoying learning about, and exploring Long Beach/SoCal! I just moved down here in March, and there is so much to do! Aside from exploring, I love to listen to music; sing, dance, zone out, etc. I have been reclaiming my love for exercise, and have been kickboxing and bike riding as well. I just recently got back into art, so I’ve been painting too! Then there’s: time with my family and partner, catching up with friends, sports (playing and watching), watching anime, meditation and breathwork, reading, journaling, amateur photography…I like to do A LOT when I have time! 

Fun fact: Current ELPer, Ruth Chung Wei and I discovered that her nephew is my kickboxing coach here in Long Beach! =)

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