I am ELP: Courtney Katen, Marketing & Operations Coordinator

Describe what you do at ELP?

As ELP’s Marketing and Operations Coordinator, I work mostly behind the scenes. I handle marketing and communications, systems development, clientele management, contracts and billing, webinar and event planning, and anything else to support the team. I wear many hats since there are only nine of us, which I enjoy because no two days are ever the same!

What experiences brought you to ELP?

My best friend actually works for ELP’s parent organization, Envision Education, and that’s how I heard about the position. I knew Envision was the organization I wanted to work for because of their strong desire for equity, especially within education. I was looking for a company that had a strong sense of community and had goals that I believe in. Now, I am coming up on my three-year anniversary and couldn’t be happier.

I have an extensive background in retail management; however, during the last few years with my previous employer, I worked a lot in operations and realized I really enjoyed it. I have a Bachelors in Marketing and that has always been something that has interested me. I love figuring out how to promote whatever product or service I’m involved with at the time. Luckily, my transition into my current role felt very natural and I’m pleased with the evolution over the last few years.

In Louisville with DLLF Cohort 3

In Louisville with DLLF Cohort 3

What do you enjoy most about working for ELP?

At ELP, I enjoy the variety of people and projects that I get to be a part of. On any given day, I’ll be working with someone different on my team or with a partner organization. Also, the assortment of different projects allows me to grow my skills and knowledge.

One of my favorite larger programs that I am a part of is the Deeper Learning Leadership Forum (DLLF). I love working with different systems leaders all over the country and seeing their growth within the cohort. DLLF also allows me to expand upon my own equity and design thinking muscles.

What do you like to do when you’re not working?

I’m a very social person and spend a lot of time with my family and friends. I love being outdoors, especially anything hiking or swimming related. I also have a passion for baking, which I miss doing for my team since the current health climate has halted any in-person gatherings or celebrations.

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