Guest Blog: Robert Moore, DLLF Cohort 3 Member


Why did you apply for the Deeper Learning Leadership Forum (DLLF)?

[ELP’s Deeper Learning Coach] Alcine had worked with our district for a year, helping us develop our Graduate Profile. During one of our training sessions, she informed me of the DLLF geographic plan to include our area. That year I was also assuming a new role of Director of Pupil Personnel/Equity Officer and felt that the forum would greatly benefit my professional growth as well as the direction of my district.

What are the benefits of being a part of the DLLF?

Learning from a group of diverse educators has been the greatest reward. There are members from large and small districts who are willing to go on the deeper learning/equity journey that will take our school systems to the next level.

How has it helped you with your professional work?

The DLLF experience has provided me with a network of educators that will serve as a professional learning community for 18 months and beyond. The structured and unstructured collaboration has allowed me to introduce ideas in my district that “disrupt” the typical processes of education.

What is your individual project?

Introducing equity systems across my district. Building the concept of equity in our district is definitely in its infancy stages. To complete my project, I used Kotter’s 8 Stages of Change to introduce and implement equitable practices in my district.Robert is the Director of Pupil Personnel and Equity Officer for the Mason County School District in Kentucky.

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