ELP & The DLLF Take Over San Diego

The third cohort of the Deeper Learning Leadership Forum (DLLF) met in sunny San Diego for their second convening, at the end of March. Part of this session included the National Equity Project hosting and engaging cohort members in a focus on educational equity as they unpacked systems of advantage and disadvantage and how each member could return home and lead for equity. Participants made connections to their own local contexts and chose an equity project that they would start addressing throughout the cohort program.

Deeper Learning Coach, Alcine Mumby, assists session participants

The DLLF convening rolled right into the 7th annual Deeper Learning Conference, held at High Tech High. The DLLF cohort and other members of the Envision team joined educators from all over, who are focused on creating more equitable outcomes by engaging students in deeper learning.

Deeper Learning Coach Alcine Mumby, and Executive Director Justin Wells hosted an all-day deep dive with the help of Roilyn Graves, Envision’s Program Specialist. Deeper Assessment: Rapid Prototyping Portfolio Defense engaged 25 educators in developing the beginnings of a Graduate Profile (GP) for their students. After assembling their GP drafts, they looked at the “why” and “how” of meaningful reflection and explored models from schools that are successfully using a portfolio system aligned to Graduate Profiles, such as Envision’s schools.

Deeper Learning Coach Abby Benedetto, also co-facilitated a deep dive at the conference, Digging Out to Freedom: Education and Liberation; participants explored the intersectionality of structural oppression in assessment, systems design and more, in order to define Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI). Participants left with inspiration and new tools for self-liberation, to engage liberated learners and advance institutional diversity, equity, inclusion and social justice in their practice.

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