ELP Partner Upcoming Events: SEEQS Portfolio Defense Series

One of our long-time partners, SEEQS (the School for Examining Essential Questions of Sustainability) Public Charter School in Honolulu, HI has been implementing their Portfolio Defense system for over ten years now, and they have gone through many iterations refining the process for their school community and sustainability-focused values. Now in their 11th year, they have created The SEEQS Sharing Hub, their in-house professional development service, and have announced a three-part series that offers an in-depth look at all of the structures and steps that lead to a rigorous and meaningful culminating experience for their students. Join them for one, two, or all three of them:

Introductory Webinar (free)

  • February 1st, 4:00PM-5:00PM HST

Get an overview of the SEEQS Portfolio Defense process from start to finish. We’ll discuss school structures that make it possible, as well as what it looks like for students. This session would be great for anyone interested in what the SEEQS Portfolio Defense processes look like, whether you’re curious about exploring them for your school or classroom, or whether you’re already implementing them and want to hear details about how another school does it.

Portfolio Deep-Dive (in-person)

  • March 2nd, 9AM-12PM HST
  • Sliding fee, $0-$50

Learn about the nuts and bolts of what makes student portfolios and reflections, and how we assess them. Look at student work and practice giving feedback to students who are involved in the process. This session would be great for those who have already started a portfolio defense process at their school and want to learn about the SEEQS portfolio writing, revision, and assessment process (which we do as a separate part of the portfolio defense process).

Defense Deep-Dive (in-person)

  • May 2nd, 12PM-4PM; May 3rd, 8AM-4pm
  • Sliding fee, $20-$150

Experience what our Portfolio Defenses look and feel like in real time. On the first day of this workshop, participants will learn about the entire process and watch an exemplary (live) Portfolio Defense presentation by a current 8th grader. On the second day, participants will observe multiple portfolio defense presentations, the scoring process, and have the opportunity to debrief and reflect with experienced practitioners. Participants will leave with a toolkit of usable materials and structures that SEEQS uses to implement its Portfolio Defense System.

Hear more about SEEQS, including a little bit about our prior work together, on this episode of the Learner-Centered Collaborative Podcast: Keeping Humanity at the Center of Assessment with Buffy Cushman-Patz.

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