DLLF: Where Are They Now?


We’re highlighting some of the Deeper Learning Leadership Forum (DLLF) alumni who are making moves- achieving goals, serving their communities, and impacting the future of education.

ELP has worked with 58 educational leaders from all over the United States since 2016 and we’re excited to open applications for our fifth cohort early 2021!

Tracie Noriega

“Greetings from San Lorenzo Unified School District, where I now serve as the Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services. I started here in July of this year. Since my time with Cohort 2 of the DLLF, I transitioned from the Director of Assessment and Evaluation to K12 Instruction while I was in New Haven Unified.

I don’t know where to start with what I took away, as there was so much! What I really appreciated was the various processes that we experienced as a cohort, which really helped me to structure PD’s for teacher leaders and administrators. I loved being with like-minded Equity warriors and the knowledge that there are so many of us continues to inspire me. Just recently, I used the d.school’s Design Thinking Process for my committee work in our planning to re-open our schools. I hope everyone is well and I remain grateful for my time with the DLLF!”

Rody Boonchouy, Ed.D.

“Since completing my fellowship from Cohort 1, I have been serving as Associate Superintendent of Instructional Services in the Davis Joint Unified School District. Not only did the DLLF experience deepen my understanding of both self and what it means to promote equitable and progressive learning experiences for all students, but it also connected me to life-long colleagues who are (and will be) collaborators throughout my career.“

Terri Holden

“I am now in my second year of serving as the Superintendent of Yellow Springs Schools in Yellow Springs, OH. My time in the DLLF was perhaps the best professional experience I have ever had, and molded me into the leader I am today. As a member of Cohort 1, I was exposed to individuals and ideas that challenged my thinking, and helped me advocate and work for deeper learning with an equity lens for all students. This has led me to my current position where we are examining how to interrupt the systemic inequity of which we are a part to provide access, power and choice to our students, while prioritizing those youth furthest from opportunity.”

Dan Deguara

“As of July 1, I began as the new Superintendent of Belmont-Redwood Shores School District in San Mateo County.  I continue to appreciate our thoughtfulness around systems thinking and the change process.  As educators it is important that we continue to develop our systems so that we are able to provide authentic experiences that foster deep and meaningful learning for all students.”

Ellen Dorr

“Since DLLF, I’ve continued to grow my capacity as an equity-focused leader. I am in my final year of the Leadership for Learning doctoral program at the University of Washington and serve as the Chief Technology Officer for the Renton School District. During the pandemic, the need for digital equity, which encompasses so much more than access to devices and internet, has come into sharp focus. We are dedicated to building a humanizing, resilient, and equitable school system in order to provide our students and families with the learning, experiences, and futures they deserve.”

Shannon Terry

“As a result of my participation in the Deeper Learning Leadership Forum, my equity lens crystalized from microscopic to macroscopic to megascopic. Through shared learning experiences with DLLF cohort members, real possibilities for eradicating inequities and disparities became clear. I developed 20/20 equity vision. As we learned and served together as equity energizers, evangelists and engagers, we forged ahead during our DLLF cohort years to positively impact our communities. We also forged lifelong bonds. Despite the passage of time, my DLLF cohort remains at the ready to step into the space to partner in the equity work as active participants, thought partners, and experienced experts. Because of the DLLF support system, the opportunity to co-lead racial equity work in the Dallas ISD became a reality in 2019. Leaning heavily on lessons learned as a cohort member, the design, development, and implementation of a five-year racial equity professional learning plan was achieved. Fast forward to present day, I currently serve as a Division Director at the Texas Education Agency (TEA) and was recently tapped to co-lead internal equity work. To my DLLF family, glad I have you on speed dial. You’ll be hearing from me again soon! The equity work continues…always. Infinitely grateful for the Deeper Learning Leadership Forum! Let’s change the world.”

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