Partner Profile: Deeper Learning In Beijing


In collaboration with ELP, Moonshot Academy in Beijing, China has built an assessment system to support competency-based education for their students!Guided by their mission to help learners better understand their intrinsic talents and the outside world, and assist them in becoming fulfilled, compassionate, and active citizens, Moonshot Academy built their model keeping these two critical questions in mind:

  1. What will Moonshot graduates be like when they graduate?

  2. How can their admin, teachers, and staff set up an educational objective that not only contains the most essential missions of education, but also establishes a system with a unifying logic?

Ruth Chung Wei, ELP’s Director of Research and Innovation, is working with Moonshot’s educators, and has this to say about the partnership:”The Moonshot staff were so serious and eager to learn – it was inspiring to be around a group with such energy and passion for personalized learning. Working cross-culturally has pushed ELP coaches to really consolidate our key lessons, and to find ways to share them in a way that is accessible and immediately applicable.”

Click here to read the full ELP Partner Profile by Tommy Zhu, Moonshot Academy’s Director of Feedback System

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