Defense Design Studios – a UK Perspective

Screen-Shot-2019-12-10-at-12.41.30-PM.pngThis year’s Defense Design Studios (DDS), our annual portfolio defense showcases, are all completed! These events might have been the closing for the students who presented but for a lot of the educators who attended, it’s just beginning. Many of this year’s attendees are looking to implement portfolio defenses into their schools.

Two visitors from The Edge Foundation, based in London, attended the DDS at Envision Academy in Oakland and later wrote about the portfolio defense model and their experience at observing our students. Read their reflection here.

ELP hosts DDS at Envision schools in the Bay Area, as well as partner schools in Sacramento and Dallas. There are even a few schools in LAUSD that hosted their own DDS without ELP’s support this year, for the first time! Texas saw attendees all the way from Missouri, Sacramento had teams from Fresno and Colorado, and Envision schools gladly welcomed groups from Wisconsin, New York, and even the UK. All in all, over 100 educators attended the ELP hosted DDS this year.

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