Announcing ELP’s Virtual Portfolio Defense Toolkit


Still hot from the forge, ELP’s Virtual Portfolio Defense Toolkit is hereby released to the world. Click the button below to download the toolkit. Use it and share it widely. We hope that it inspires action, saves you time, and helps you find opportunity within this crisis to put students at the center of their learning.

ELP was galvanized by what we are hearing from our partner schools and districts: Rather than backing off from your performance assessment systems, most of you are leaning into them, understanding that students need this now more than ever. This toolkit is ELP’s first answer to your call for help. It is designed for learning communities at all levels of experience, whether you’ve had kids defending their learning for years or see this as your first opportunity to try.

And know that there are more tools on the way. Before the end of the week, we’ll release an accompanying Student Planning Tool, a student-facing organizer to help them plan for their virtual defenses or presentations. (Update: these tools have been released and are available using the link below.)

Next week, Morgan Vien and Abby Benedetto, chief designers of this toolkit, will host a webinar and some virtual office hours so that you can ask questions and get support for implementation. (Update: use the link below to view the webinar recording.)

There is no better time than now to challenge and honor young people with an opportunity to tell the story of their learning.

Cheering you on,

Justin Wells & the ELP Team

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