AFL Oakland Deep Dive Update

On May 15 and 16th, 2024 educators from across the country came together in Oakland, CA for a two-day Assessment for Learning (AFL) Deep Dive and focused on student demonstrations of learning.

Together, we continued to pursue AFL’s essential question: What can we learn together about how assessment for learning relates to learner belonging, equity and liberation? Specifically, we explored “How do we build aligned and coherent performance assessment systems that promote learner belonging, equity and liberation?”

The event included background knowledge of Oakland education with ELP Assessment Design Partner, Josette Neal-De-Stanton, and longtime Oakland education leader, Gary Yee, school site visits hosted by Envision Academy and ARISE High School where folks experienced student presentations of learning, new tools were presented, and community connections were strengthened.

The AFL Blog will soon have posts from Storytellers about their experience at the event; learn more as those come out and see previous blogs from other AFL events by clicking here.

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