A Message to Our Partners and Friends

To ELP partners and friends,

Envision Learning Partners was established to disrupt the systemic inequities created when students are expected to learn and demonstrate their learning in rote, standardized ways. We know that current systems of assessment do not show or honor the brilliance and talents of Black students. When we support schools, districts, and states to create more balanced systems of assessment, one way we define success is the ability to bear witness to powerful demonstrations of learning by Black students. Humbly, we acknowledge that we have more work to do as individuals and as an organization. And we are humbled by the searing reminder of recent events that improving education is not enough.

At Envision Learning Partners, we are taking this time to reaffirm our commitment to supporting our Black students, Black teachers, and Black leaders. We have explicit anti-racist, pro-black strategic goals. We have specifically invested in training and professional learning by Black-led organizations so that we can embody these ideals. We seek to work alongside our partners, in conversation and collaboration, to center the voices of the most marginalized and continually examine how our work as educators can support rather than impede racial justice in schools.

In that spirit, we urge our partners and friends to join us in engaging or recommitting to anti-racist equity work within your organizations. And we ask you to do it with the guidance of expert individuals and organizations, such as those listed below, that were committed and practiced long before 2020 hashtags and uprisings. Consider learning from and supporting any of the following Black-led organizations:

If you’d like us to make a warm introduction to one of these organizations, let us know. 

In solidarity and community,

Abby, Alcine, Aragon, Courtney, Justin, Morgan, Rachel, Ruth, and Vinci

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