A Message From Our Executive Director – January 2021

A performance task can make no claim to quality if it is not crystal clear on what skill or skills it is assessing. The same is true for a performance assessment system writ large. This is why ELP cares about, and has become a booster for, the concept of a graduate profile (aka portrait of a graduate, learner profile, schoolwide outcomes, etc.). In order to “elicit learning that matters”—a key principle of ELP’s HQPA framework—a learning community must define what matters. That’s what a graduate profile does, and therefore why a profile, or something akin to it, is foundational to a performance assessment system.

To that end, I am excited to announce that ELP’s first ever online workshop series is devoted to developing a high-quality graduate profile. Although this workshop is already booked up, scroll down to learn more about future opportunities.

The launch of this series marks ELP’s commitment to making our work more widely and frequently accessible to the performance assessment movement. We plan to roll out a number of other online workshops, on various topics related to performance assessment, through 2021 and beyond.

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